Tips to Prevent Chafing!

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Yesterday, we talked about how awesome 2Toms SportShield is at preventing chafing.



Today, we are going to segway that conversation into sharing some tips and tricks that you can use along side 2Toms SportShield.

…Because NO ONE wins with nipple chafe.

No one.

Make sure your clothes fit well. Yes, I realize that you might loooooove the REM shirt from that concert you went to back in college, but baggy clothes can bunch up in places (think: armpits) and chafe pretty hard. Do your best to find clothes that fit you well.

Run in clothes that were made for running. Companies like Nike, Under Armour, Oiselle, and Saucony are RUNNING companies. They know how to make quality, breathable fabrics that can withstand years worth of long runs, washes and sweat. They might be a little pricier than that damn REM shirt, but trust me… it’s worth it!

Be proactive. Did you forget to apply sportshield to a certain spot during your last race and paid for it later? Chafing can occur in the weirdest places (did you read my post from yesterday? I was chafing on my chest, of all places… it was weird). Make a mental note, and try not to forget again (cue angry voice: Or else feel the wrath of chafing!).

Embrace the chafe. Chafing comes from friction and sometimes friction is totally unavoidable. Accept the fact that this can and will happen, regardless of how much you 2Toms you roll on. Take care of any problem areas the as soon as you can otherwise scaring can occur. Apply an ointment such as Desitin or A+D Zinc Oxide cream and leave it alone for a few days.

And that is all I have for today, folks.

Do you have any tips or tricks to prevent chafing?

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17 thoughts on “Tips to Prevent Chafing!

  1. Blush and Sole says:

    I have been a victim of chaffing too many times to count. In a pinch I once used deodorant as a shielding agent because it was the only thing available. I actually really like Aquaphor because it’s not as sticky as some of the other products out there.


  2. fionajarrett says:

    You’re absolutely on point about wearing clothing made by running specialists like the above companies, there really is a huge difference in knowledge & running quality. 100% worth the extra spend. Vaseline is my go-to – the only problem is remembering to put it on before I head out, which only sometimes happens!


  3. 42Y on 42K says:

    Underwear!! That’s what I need to find. Some that stay inplace without seams or lace. I have tried many different styles but still have ‘t found what I am looking for. Someone suggested not using underware at all but it doesn’t feel like an option to me… The hot water on chafed spots – that’s when you know you’re a runner, right?? 😃


  4. eltonas37 says:

    I only tend to use Vaseline in places it affects me; so nipples on long runs and groin. I’d love to run in shorter shorts, but thigh chafing prevents that, even with Vaseline. I do have longer trail shorts that I use in Summer, most of the time I use short-tights though.

    What I need to find are comfy underwear that don’t bunch up in the groin or travel up my legs when running; hard to find any with leg grippers!

    Agree that clothing choice is very important. I’ll tend to run with a hugging base layer if using a non-fitting t-shirt, even if it’s warm.


  5. 50in50marathonquest says:

    yep, learned these lessons like we all have to, the hard way…gotta have shorts that work and vaseline appropriately applied, and most guys will make the mistake of not protecting the chest – i did once, and once was enough, i’ll spare the graphics…I use bandaids for the boobs, the small ones that you sometimes get when you get a shot – can pick up a box of 100 in a drug store for a couple dollars, work just fine and i’ve run multiple marathons with no chafe issues.

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    • unironedman says:

      “When you get shot…” ? Jaysus, that’s some place you go running! Bet you’ve got some good 10k times. Sadly plasters tend not to work for me due to hirsute nature of chest; they just fall off after a few ks. I tried sports bra (yep, I’m a bloke…) a few times, and in fairness to my wife, she didn’t actually laugh too much…
      The best bet for me is a really snug-fitting running top. I have one that works a treat for longer runs. Otherwise, if I forget, it’s the screaming, shrieking psycho shower scene that only chafed nipples can provide 😉

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  6. RunBikeThrow says:

    With me, even the best tech shirts don’t totally prevent nipple chafing. But a little sports tape takes care of the problem. For “down below” Vaseline and Body Glide only go so far. My first 100K attempt included some very painful chafing below the waist. So now I wear triathlon shorts for any distance of 26.2 or longer, with much better results. (Plus they are good for water crossings during trail ultras.)


  7. athlettuce says:

    I am totally hooked on a specific Nike running short. I once ran a marathon in different shorts and it was a huge mistake! I had to grab globs of vaseline at an aid station and slather it on my inner thighs. I also found that switching to a different sports bra prevented me from getting cuts on my chest (a little different than your “hickies”). Finally, I use Glide for my races and long runs on my armpits and other sensitive spots. But I still often have that terrible pain when you jump in the shower and the hot water hits the chafed spots! Ouch!


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