The Runner’s High Made Me Do It!

Let’s just get real here people…

(You know how much I LOVE doing that!)

Runners are a weird bunch.

We do lots and lots of weird things.

From our lengthy pre-race rituals, to compression socks, to snot rockets…


We are weirdos.

And that is okay!

Admittedly, the runners high can get the best of us…

And when it strikes we tend to do some pretty weird things that perhaps we wouldn’t normally do in public.

  1. Sing loudly. Take it from me, doing three things at once: trying to run, breathe and sing, will deliver horrendous results… Unless you are Beyonce, of course (she is good at everything).

2. Air Guitar, Air Drums or, Rap hands. Yes, we look like idiots, but “Tom Sawyer” by Rush DOES have an amazing drum solo and it neeeeeeeeeds our participation.

3. Skip. Sometimes when we are having a great run, we like to experiment with our technique. No one is watching, and we love running. Who will know?

4. Yell at traffic. I mean come on! Those stupid drivers are RUINING our average pace!

 5. Connect to our GPS… by raising our watch in the air. This totally makes the GPS satellites connect faster… no really, it does!

6. Jump in puddles. There is nothing better than a post-rain run, because it allows us to connect with our inner 3 year old and jump in puddles. New shoes be damned!

7. Talk to ourselves. Whether it be giving words of encouragement, planning out our daily activities or practicing for a work presentation… we look like crazy people. Enough said.

I have never committed ANY of these weird acts.




Okay, I am totally lying.

I do all of them, pretty much on the regular.

What about you?

Did I forget anything?

Share below!



Let’s connect!


30 thoughts on “The Runner’s High Made Me Do It!

  1. runnergeek83 says:

    The runners who blank me when I acknowledge them probably think I’m weird. Are people really that far in ‘the zone’ that they can look you in the eye and ignore you? Lol

    Oh yeah, I dodge low hanging branches like I’m in the ring with Tyson and I pep talk myself up steep hills too! Just starting to realise how crazy I actually am!


  2. brianneharris says:

    #3. Yay skipping!
    #4. Traffic LIGHTS are more of an issue for this to me… They should just all be programmed know I’m coming down the street and stay green. Clock’s ticking!
    #5. I look forward to this! Need to get a watch…
    #6. Some of my best and most inspiring runs were through the rain, and splashing through puddles makes me giddy and feel in love with the world, à la Gene Kelly. 🙂
    +8. Spontaneously bursting out in idiotic grins or audible laughter (running = joy!), or into tears (= same reason)


  3. Josh dV says:

    I always wondered what I look like when the zombies start chasing me (Zombies! Run! app) and I jump from a normal pace to a sprint. Do the other pedestrians see the abject horror on my face at fleeing the undead swarm? Can they see I’m relieved when I have outrun them?

    I suppose it’s pretty normal to see a runner suddenly sprint for a minute then relax, but are they always outrunning zombies?

    Liked by 1 person

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