Nothing can stop me… not even the rain!


The view from my office window is less than stellar today.

Apparently, this whole El Nino thing is not a joke.

Now that the rainy winter season is officially upon us, I thought an impromptu post about running in the rain is in order.


Up until about a month ago, I REFUSED to run in the rain.

What changed?

I thought to myself, “What in the heck do runners in Seattle do like 95% of the year?”.

They freaking run in the rain, man.

So, I decided to stop being a wimp.

I ran in the rain.

And it didn’t suck.

It didn’t suck at all, actually.

Seriously people!

I really didn’t.

It was actually really fun!

I loved knowing that there weren’t many people or cars out, because everyone was terrified of the rain.


Annnnnd it made me feel pretty awesome knowing that nothing could stop me… not even the rain!

Do you hate running in the rain?

I have a fool-proof plan to help you get out there.

  1. Get a waterproof hat or a hat with a long brim.

Brooks Seattle Collapsible Hat $30

2. Get a rainproof running jacket

New Balance Shadow Run Jacket $65

3. Be prepared to get wet.

4. Suck it up.

5. Walk outside.

6. Embrace the rain.

7. Run.

6. Pat yourself on the back.



Nothing can stop you now, not even the rain!



21 thoughts on “Nothing can stop me… not even the rain!

  1. Melissa @ See Dav Run says:

    It’s been a crazy rainy season here in NC. Most of my marathon training, then the race itself was in the pouring rain. I agree with Jess; the times I tried wearing a jacket, it became heavy and hot, bottling up my heat as I warmed up, and everything was soaked anyway. Embrace what Mother Nature gives us! πŸ™‚

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  2. Jess says:

    Great tips! I’ve run 4 races this year in the rain, one of them being a marathon. I prefer not wearing a rain jacket cus it just weighs me down and I would get wet anyways even with rain coat after a few hours. It’s better to run with a normal moisture wicking shirt or a long sleeves if it’s not too cold or windy, IMO.

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  3. kylabee says:

    I don’t mind running in the rain and do it a lot in Victoria. A warm rain is refreshing I find. The only thing I find after running in the rain is I need to get out of my wet clothes a lot quicker cause I get cold.
    When I lived in Nova Scotia I used to run in snow so rain is much nicer. πŸ™‚
    Good for you for going and happy you liked it. Puddle jumping can be fun too!

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  4. crazyphatmommy says:

    I ran my 2nd 5k this year in the pooring ran and it was actually very refreshing. I sweat a lot so it helped to keep me cooler and no one could even tell. I was drenched anyway. The only downside for me was wet feet, I can’t stand them. Maybe a pair of Gortex runners would do the trick next time. Glad you to hear you got out there anyway!

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