So… I Bonked.

Yes, yes I did.

(Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read about it here)

After 6 years, ba-zillions of miles, 14 Half Marathons and 2 Full Marathons…

I am still making mistakes.

I am still breaking my own rules.

I still haven’t figured it out yet.

To be honest, I don’t think I ever will.


And that is okay.

Failing is what makes running interesting.

If we had it all figured out…

It would be boring.

It would be predictable.

And running would not be awesome.

So, if it takes this…

(Fresno California Classic Half Marathon)


To enable me to experience this…

(San Luis Obispo Half Marathon)


I will take it any day of the week.

Yes, yes I will.

Let this post be a reminder to those of you who beat yourselves up (I’m talkin’ to you Ashley) for missing a PR, bonking during a race, or having a crappy run… Don’t.

You will have good days, and you will have bad days…

That is a part of running.

The struggle is what keeps us honest and humble.



10 thoughts on “So… I Bonked.

  1. Ariana says:

    Totally true! I survived a half marathon and training only to think tough mudder was just a fun mud run and not prepare correctly for it………..7 hours after the start i crawled accross the finish line.


  2. fionajarrett says:

    Great post. It can be really challenging to keep perspective and not let your thoughts run away with you when you’ve just done a race, whether it goes really well or badly, but everything you say above is so true. It’s all experience, from which you can learn from it and be better and stronger next time. Fair play to you πŸ™‚


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