Runnin’ Secrets!

Heyyyyyyyyyy! How are you doing today?

I am fantastic!


I have secrets to tell you today.

They are secrets that some runners don’t know!

This is under ground stuff… black market secrets.

Not really.

But I have learned a few tricks in my years on the street (as a runner, NOT a street walker!) that I would love to share!

This blog post will self destruct in 15 minutes, so read it fast!!

Inspector Gadget style.

I am obviously a child of the 80’s.

Whatever, I am old, I get it.

But, I digress.

You are here for the secrets!

Let’s get to it then…

Secret #1: Don’t dry your dri-fit clothes with dryer sheets. They remove the clothing’s ability to wick away sweat. If you are anything like me… you need all the wicking that you can get. Gross, I know… but at least you don’t have to work out with me!

Secret #2: Are you trying to wake up early to run, but can’t find the energy to get up? Try laying your clothes out the night before.

Secret #3: Tired of getting injured? Start stretching after your work outs (Want extra points? Stretch before too!).

Secret #4: Think you are too old, too slow or too overweight to start running? Negatory captain. Meet Fauja Singh, the 100-year-old runner who is the world’s oldest person to complete a full-length marathon.

Secret #5: Don’t feel like running? Just go for a run around the block; once you are out there,  you will probably keep going.

Secret #6: Think you have to follow your training plan to the tee? Not even close. Many runners (including me!) are perfectionists. It is okay to skip a few runs, run on different days than you scheduled, and do a shorter run than your plan calls for. Listen to your head and your body! All that matters is that you stay consistent.

Secret #8: Taking a few days off is going to kill your endurance. Not true! You can stop running for up to 5 days with no significant loss of conditioning. You’ll regain your fitness within a week or so.

Secret #9: You don’t need to carb load before a race. Most runners usually eat a pretty high carb diet as it is, which means that their glycogen storage is normally topped off. Although it is important to increase your carb consumption the week before your race, excessive carb loading before a big race is just going to slow you down or give you  a case of the trots…. and we don’t want to pull a Paula now do we!

No… no we don’t. (If you don’t know what I am referring to, google Paula Radcliff poop marathon… or just take my word for it.)

Secret #10: You can’t train for a marathon on a treadmill. Well, this is definitely not true. Although the treadmill does do some of the work for you, it’s great for getting used to a goal race pace or to do sprint work. It isn’t advised to train for an ENTIRE marathon on a treadmill, but it’s been done before (it’s probably pretty boring though).

There you have it dudes!

10 secrets that you might not know about running.

Did you learn anything new?
Do you have any secrets to share?
Teach! Teach! Teach!



34 thoughts on “Runnin’ Secrets!

  1. Mariajose says:

    If I know I’m gonna have issues waking up for a really early morning run, I lay out the shoes and go to sleep in my running clothes. It’s perfect for a lazy morning.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My Pajama Days says:

    I am a treadmill runner! I don’t know why – maybe it’s a control thing. No bugs. No wind. No distractions. But I trained for my first half marathon almost exclusively on my treadmill. And yes, it gets boring. I’m trying to “step out” of my comfort zone more often, which means signing up for more runs outside to force me on the road. Loved this post!


  3. |{3Γ‘Z!3 says:

    When I know I have to get up early to run I sleep in my clothes. I also noticed I have to buy twice as many socks. No one told me.


  4. runtontorun says:

    ME TOO, I HATE NOT RUNNING.oops, a little too shouty there….i like ti run every day, all the time, all running, no working:) I wish….Love your post as always…such a laugh!! Are you sure you are not a kiwi??


  5. Adam Rooth says:

    Regarding secret #9: I give you (BE WARNED!) some other evidence of what might happen if you eat wrong before a race.

    This is Bajsmannen (The Poop man). He ran Gothenburg Marathon in 2008 and he actually shit himself while running, but still finished on a respectable 21st place.


  6. storkchaser says:

    I love this!!!! Also, since I’m really not a morning person I sleep in my running clothes if I’m running in the morning. And I love tip #5! I can do this!!! Thanks for sharing.


  7. slowrunnersexcursion says:

    These are definitely the Top 10 Secrets for those runners without much experience! Well said, @ratherberunnin! I actually did probably 87.9458% of my training for marathon 4.0 on the treadmill. Boy, 40+ miles on the treadmill a week….well, it sucks! Ended up painting my walls though. πŸ™‚


  8. Run Dedeaux Run says:

    I struggle with #6! The rule follower in me HATES missing runs. If the schedule says 6 miles on Tuesday, then SIX MILES ON TUESDAY it is!
    I know I need to work on this…


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