These Hills Were Made for Runnin’

Hello and Happy Day to you!

How are you today?

I, personally, am great… although my legs feel a little tired today.

I did hill repeats yesterday for the first time.

Man! It was HARD!

See what I did there?

I made a funny.

Anyway, as I mentioned a few months back,

I reeeeeeeeeally need(ed) to get better at running hills.

Like badly.

But, thanks to my most recent running injury,

Hill training was put on the back burner for my last couple races…

And caused me to be completely unprepared for the SF Half.

Which explains why the race nearly KILLED me and was by far the hardest Half Marathon I have ever done.


 Hoping to prevent another near death experience, I have added hill repeats to my training.

Last night was the start of my new regimen and boy was it rough!


My legs are sore.

Like actually sore, from a 3 mile run (3 1/2 mile hill repeats).

When the heck does that happen??

Like never.

Which means that I am doing something right, right?!?!


Super awesome!!

My goal is to work my way up to 6 miles (6 1/2 mile hill repeats).

I can doooooooo it!

For more information on why Hill Repeats rock, check out this article from

Do you like hills?
What is your favorite hill workout?



19 thoughts on “These Hills Were Made for Runnin’

  1. innerworld.outerlife says:

    I’m kind of weird in that I actually DO enjoy hills (moving up inclines in general, say during hiking). I run up them slower than I could actually walk them, but I kind of like the way it feels. I have a huge hill near my house that I use as my training hill. Good luck, you’re going to crush those hills in no time!


  2. LuTress says:

    This is so apropos for this to show up in my feed today! I too will be doing hill sprints for the very first time today…I am working with a personal trainer and being MADE to do it. Although I must say I’m excited…for now. After 6 pm I’ll be useless to all. Thanks for giving me hope!


  3. skinnyrunning says:

    I avoid hills like the plague. So I am impressed with what you are doing. I suppose at some point I will have to face them but for now I prefer roads that are flat like pancakes. Good luck with the hills. It will get easier.

    Liked by 1 person

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