It’s Time for the San Francisco Half Marathon!

Hello and happy friday!

It is time again, my friends, for another half marathon.

I feel like I just ran one…

Oh wait, that is because I did.

Two weeks ago.

And two weeks before that.

I think I am a little burned out on racing.


I think a lot of the “funk” that I am in is because of my last race.

After this race, my next one will be in September (Ventura Half Marathon).

So, I will get a much needed mental break-
to refresh my spirits, re-focus on losing weight and getting faster.

But… I have to get through San Francisco to get there.

Yes, yes I can.

I just have to stay positive…

Not take it too seriously…

Have realistic goals…

Don’t take it out too fast…

and damnit, have some fun!




You want to know something funny?

Of course you do.

My last bonk was on 5/20/2012 at the California Classic Half Marathon, in Fresno, CA.

The race surprisingly resembled much of the Shoreline Half

I took it out too fast (was trying to run a sub 2), it was hot, and I bonked at mile 9.



(That’s me barely making it across the finish line)

It was by far the WORST race I have ever done,

(and you saw how pissed I was about Shoreline… yeah, I know.)

The worst.

Coincidentally, the next race after that bonk was the San Francisco Half Marathon.


One of my favorite races ever (#3 in my Top 3 to be exact).

So needless to say, I am in much of the same position now than I was back in 2012.

Trying to overcome a heinous bonk.

Sh*t is going full circle, ya’ll.

So, needless to say, this post is my way of talking myself into this race.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

Hopefully, this race WILL end up the same way.

I just need to relax.


When is your next race?
How have you overcome your last bonk?



6 thoughts on “It’s Time for the San Francisco Half Marathon!

  1. Eribis says:

    My next race is a labor day full. Thankfully I’ve never bonked…but if I ever do I hope to use it as a learning experience! Good luck in San Francisco!


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