Not Feelin’ It

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

I hope your day is going well.

I am going to admit some stuff today, my friends…

Last week, on the running front, was a rough one for me.


I am NOT feelin’ it right now.

Not feelin’ it at all.


Not one bit.

I think after my lovely “bonk” at Shoreline last weekend, my brain has decided to be done for a minute.

I ran about 15 total miles last week.

Yeah… 15 miles.

And my long run on Saturday TOTALLY sucked.

I DID NOT… I repeat DID NOT want to do it.

I had 10 miles on the calendar, but only had time to do 8.

It was a friend’s birthday, and we were going wine tasting so I had to get my run in before we left.

Anyway, I decided to run one of my favorite routes in hopes that it would motivate me.

It didn’t.

As I was running, my brain kept trying to talk me into turning around.

I was continuously making excuses in my head.

Turn around here…

“Stop and take a break…”

“You don’t need to run alllllllll 8 miles…”

“You just ran your 4th half of the year- you should take a break…”

“There is nothing wrong with cutting your run short…”

Fortunately, I didn’t listen to the part of my brain that wanted me to give up.

I kept going.

I finished the run.

Even though I wanted to quit.

Even though I had every excuse in the book lined up.

I did it anyway.

Have you ever gone through a period of time where you were “not feelin’ it”?
Do you have any tips for pushing through- even when you don’t really want to?
How was your weekend?



9 thoughts on “Not Feelin’ It

  1. afoster0421 says:

    You are definitely not alone with “the funk”. Try running with a new friend or, my best advice, get yourself some new sneaks or some new running garb. Wanting to show-off my new gear always seems to get me out the door 🙂


  2. Shauna @ Happily TwentySomething says:

    So I’m super new to serious distance running but I go through these little fads where I can’t wait to get home from work and run. But when I actually do get home I watch Say Yes to the Dress with my mom instead. I end up convincing myself to not run and then I feel like crap. After a little while of this mind game, I realize that I am bailing on something I’m passionate about… what kinda crap is that!? Take a brief hiatus from running… however long you feel necessary. Use that time to remind yourself why you run or remember what you love about it. Then get back out there and kick ass!! Hope that helped 🙂


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