My First Virtual Race! The “All 4 Run” 4 Miler from



I hope your Thursday is rockin’ and rollin’ like mine.

It’s almost Friday, people.

I can’t wait!

As you can see from my infamous animal greeting, I am still in the 4th of July spirit.

I neeeeeed to tell you about my “All 4 Run” Virtual 4 Miler that I did last week in HAF Palm Springs.

Do you know what HAF means?

If you don’t.. I’m not gonna tell you.

Google it.

My mother is probably reading this and saying “Ashley, WE don’t talk like that”

I know Mom, I know.

Anyway, as much as I prepared for the 4 miler..

No one could be prepared for the heat that I had to endure during this run.


I mean it IS Palm Springs and its like 95 degrees at 6 am.

Not to mention, it was a humid 95 degrees.


Thank goodness I had this beautiful swag waiting for me back at my friend’s house.

It was my priiiiiizzzzzzeeeeeee.

And this cute shirt.


Can you see my cute Skirt peeking through?

I looked way festive.


Anyway, I think Virtual races are super awesome and obviously…

Since I own half of what sells
(No joke people)

I think the website is AH-MAZING.

I highly recommend signing up for a virtual race if you haven’t.

It is a great way to casually race without having all of the pressure of running with 10,000 people and it’s not nearly as expensive.


Their next race is the Road Shark 5 Mile Run!

Just in time for Shark Week.


Because sharks are awesome!

And so is running.


The race is only $32!

Runners receive a cute shirt, an awesome medal, a snazzy bib and a super cool car magnet.

Sign up here!

By the way…

Check out what I just picked up from Running Warehouse!


The Forerunner 225.

Yep, yep I did.

You can be jealous, it’s okay.

I am jealous of myself.

Are you a Garmin runner? If so, ya wana be friends?

Let’s do it! Friend me here. 

My screen name is…

(You guessed it!)


See you tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “My First Virtual Race! The “All 4 Run” 4 Miler from

  1. Robyn says:

    Nice post! I am completing my first virtual run on Friday! I’m going to get up early so it won’t be too hot; I live in Florida.


  2. The Dude Run Run says:

    Your post had me smiling and I really need that right now. Gratz on your run! I have looked into some virtual runs and have teetered on the maybe I will do it maybe I wont line for so long. Is the swag worth the cash? How much do they actually send to the charities they sponsor? And yes I am a bit jelly of your Garmin.


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I am glad I could be of service! Ashley’s the name- Entertainment is my game! 🙂 I think the swag is worth the money, I usually pay $80-$125 for a race and for $35 you pretty much get the same stuff… I’m down.


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