Another Day, Another Half Marathon…

Hello and Happy Friday!

We made it!


I leave in roughly 53 minutes (not that I am counting) for Santa Barbara.

I am staying there over the weekend (again) with my super cool friend.


Because the Shoreline Half Marathon in Ventura is on Sunday!


I am super excited.


I can’t believe I am actually running this race.

Remember when I hurt myself and I almost put my plans on hold?

That sucked.


Now that I am better

(Thank goodness)

And I have already run a Half Marathon (even though it sucked)…

I know I can do this one.


The course (so I have read) is relatively flat.

So that’s nice.

Since I finished the Wine Country Half in 2:14, and the SB Half in 2:17…

My goal is to finish this one in 2:15.

Which, according to, I need to run at a 10:17 pace.


Can I do that?

I sure hope so.

Hopefully my fancy schmancy new Garmin watch will help me run faster.

[Yes, schmancy is a word!]


(I just have to rub it in a little more)

Sorry buddies, but I’m not sorry.

I freaking love my Garmin watch.

Anyway, the high for Sunday should be about 77.

I’m a little nervous about that.

Yes, I know I am spoiled.

And it should be between 62 and 68 degrees from 8 am to 10 am.

Sooooo I think it might be a little hot!


Okay, I am done whining.

There WILL BE tacos and beer waiting for me at the finish line though…

I am sure that will be calling my name at about mile 10.

So there’s that.

I am so excited!!!

Whelp, it’s time to hit the road!

I am offffffffffffffffff to Santa Barbara!

When is your next race?
What is your ideal racing temperature?
Do you like tacos and beer?



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