My HOT Pre-“All 4 Run Virtual 4 Miler” 2 Mile Run


It’s Monday again…

How in the heck did that happen?


I was on vacation on Thursday and Friday, so it feels like the weekend flew by!


I went to LA to see my Dodgers get whomped on by the SF Giants.

That was NOT fun.

But, I took lots of fun pictures and ate lots of good food.

Pretty cool, huh?

I also did a 2 mile prep run for the “All 4 Run” Virtual 4 Miler that I was invited to participate in by my FAVORITE website, Gone For A Run.

What’s a virtual race?

It’s a race that you register for online, receive race swag (think t-shirt, bib, and medal) and you run the designated race distance during a specific timeframe ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.

Isn’t that awesome?


This virtual race runs from July 2 to July 5th.

Which means I will be doing this run on vacation in Palm Springs.

(Yes, I’m going on another vacation)

Don’t hate the player.. hate the game, Folks.

Anyway, here is what was in my swag bag…


Sweet medal, right?


As well as a cute tank top, neato race bib and cool USA runner magnet that I already put on my car.

I can’t wait to do this race!

Being the over-achiever that I am… I did a 2 mile run to prepare myself for the heat in Palm Springs.

I even wore my new “All 4 Run” inspired running skirt to feel more festive!


(Ignore the scars on my legs from my fall… please.)

Anyway…It was HOT.

If you weren’t aware- Central California is RIDICULOUSLY en fuego this time of year.

I don’t like it.

No, No I don’t.


But i finished this run!

Now, I am ready to rock and roll this virtual 4 miler.

So excited.

I think you should register for this race, so we can run together.

If you are feelin’ froggy and want some cool swag too, sign up at Gone For A Run.

Sign up before 6/26 for free shipping using the code: RUNNIN4RUN 

Do you like the heat?
What are you doing for the 4th of July (besides running with me)?
Have you ever done a virtual race?



6 thoughts on “My HOT Pre-“All 4 Run Virtual 4 Miler” 2 Mile Run

  1. Happily TwentySomething says:

    The heat and I are mortal enemies, but I’m growing to live with it here in PA… so I can only imagine how California must feel!! What an awesome swag bag for the virtual run, love the tank top and medal!! 4th of July I will be running in a 5K along with some family members. We’ve been running it for the past 4 years so it’s always fun!!


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