Re-Evaluating My Running Goals.. Yet Again.


This little dude definitely describes how I am feeling today.

I am handling Monday like a champ,

but am definitely not super stoked about it.

Today is officially day number 22 of no running.

Did I mention I am going crazy?

I think I did… a few times.

I just arrived at the “acceptance” stage of injury grief

So, I am re-evaluating some of the goals that I set for myself a few months ago.

Finishing all of the Half Marathons on my 2015 Race Calendar being one of them;

And more specifically, running in the Santa Barbara Half Marathon in 12 days.

There is NO way I will be able to run this week, without re-injuring myself… like I did a week and a half ago.

Nope, no it’s not.

However, I AM setting my sights on running the 5K

and getting back on the horse in SB.

Hopefully, my body will allow that to happen.

Then there is the issue of the Shoreline Half Marathon (in 27 days)…

and the San Francisco Half Marathon (in 41 days).

So far, I have decided that I will play Shoreline by ear…

and pray that I can be somewhat prepared for SF.

The SF Half has one of the BIGGEST and BEST Expos.

I would REEEAAALLLLLYYYYY like to go.

Not to mention the fact that running across the Golden Gate Bridge sounds SUPER cool.

I mean come on.

That is slap yo’ momma cool.

Don’t really slap your mom though.

That’s not cool.

So… in a nutshell that is where I am with this stupid injury.


Don’t get me wrong, I am still royally pissed.

But, I have realized that being angry isn’t going to change anything,

it’s just going to make me miserable.

How was your weekend?

When is your next race?

Have you run the SF Marathon?



11 thoughts on “Re-Evaluating My Running Goals.. Yet Again.

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    ah no. Sorry to hear about that : / gotta take care of yourself first though.! running will always be there for you


  2. ewilko says:

    Boo, injury is rubbish. Sounds like you’re being sensible tho. I see you have the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon listed on your goal list. Have you done any of those before? They look fun!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      NO! I haven’t done a Rock n’ Roll yet, but I have heard they are SO much fun. I have registered for both Los Angeles and San Diego. Fingers crossed that I will be healthy enough to do both! You should too!


  3. shawnasob says:

    I was injured and had a 4+ month recovery…it sucked. However I got through it by reminding myself that my ultimate running goal is to be a runner for the rest of my days do if I have to run less or not at all for a time it’s no biggy because hopefully I have quite a few days left on this little blue bubble we call Earth/Home.


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