A Few of My Favorite Things (2015 Version)

Hello Everyone!

Happy Day!

Since I am not actually running,

because of my STUPID injury,

I obviously have nothing cool to talk about.

But, I can talk about running related things!

A few years back, I did a super fun post called:

My Favorite Running Things“,

and it was a HUGE hit in the Blog-o-sphere.


So what the heck, let’s do it again.

Here is another list of my favorite things!

So here we go…

Can you hear the Sound of Music song playing in the background?


Well imagine!!

Theeeese are a few of myyyy faaavvorite thiiinnnnggsss!!!

When the dogs bite…

Okay, okay…

Watermelon Nuun

(tastes like summerrrrrr!)

Garmin Forerunner 210 Watch

(love, love, love it!)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bonk Breaker

(PB&J anyone?)

Wine Country Half Marathon Medal


(obviously.. it doubles as a wine cork and a corkscrew)

Running Skirts Colorblock skirt


(love this print)

Waterproof Brooks Hat

(It’s always good to be prepared)

Peanut Butter GU

(tastes like dessert!)

2Toms Anti-Chafing Roll On Lotion

(convenient and it works!)

Red, White, and Blue ProCompression socks

(because ‘Merica)

What are some of your favorite running things?

Do we share any mutual favs?



7 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things (2015 Version)

  1. shawnasob says:

    I also love the pb GU. My nike+ GPS watch, my Altra trail shoes, and my occasional running buddy with fur and four legs…GUSS!


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