I fell down.

I am officially claiming the title of the biggest klutz ever.

I think I have mentioned before that I am injury prone… (here and here).

Well, guess what I did on Friday?

I fell down.


I was hauling butt down hill and decided to cut through a planter.

This planter had a HUGE tree stump in it that I failed to see…

Stupid tree stump!

and I ate it- big time.

Sadly, the only thing I was worried about was ruining my new outfit.

This is a new running outfit that I got from RaceReady a few days ago.

This company is so genius.

Check it out.

The front and back of the shirt have a spot to put your headphone wires.

This prevents them from getting in your way and flopping around all over the place during a run.

Which is majorly annoying.

Here is a better picture of the back of the shorts from the company’s website… my camera sucks.

The shorts have pockets in the front and the back for all of your gels, your keys and anything else you want to carry.

How awesome!

Can you see why I was so stressed out that I fell in this outfit? I mean seriously.

This is some high quality real estate here.

(I will be doing a giveaway for one of their Streamline shirts soon. So stay tuned!)


 I ended up running home after I fell.

I had to finish the run, man.

Bloody knees and all.

And yes, I ran 12 miles yesterday.

I don’t mess around during marathon training.

By the way,

I am putting up another blog post about my weekend run, in a few.

It was interesting.

So stick around for more laughs.




21 thoughts on “I fell down.

  1. joanned3 says:

    You fell like a champ, Ashley! I can guarantee when people saw you running with bloodied knees they were like ‘damn, that girl is HARD CORE’.
    I love that top! Neon and functional? Sign me up!!


  2. runfastorfaster says:

    I feel your pain! Take care of those suckers, it’s so painful!

    I bit it hard a couple of months ago after a race. I was freezing, hands in pockets, arms squished to my side holding a water bottle against my body. I went to walk towards the score sheet and my foot got stuck under a tree root. I couldn’t get my hands out of my pockets in time to brace my fall, so I landed face first in mud and grass. Thankfully it poured the night before or else I would have broken my nose — it was not pretty, grass in my teeth, mud in my mouth, red and swollen nose… yikes!

    Then two weeks later I was running home after a hard track workout, must have been exhausted and not picking up my feet. My foot caught an uneven patch in the sidewalk and I wiped out. This time I had shorts on and skinned my knee — thought it was no big deal until I couldn’t have any fabric touch it for an entire week. I have a lovely scar now just like any toddler learning to walk!


  3. deedoll76 says:

    Oh my! I hope you are ok. And sadly, I know how you feel. I am a clutz, big time. And one time I was out walking with a friend who I’d never walked with before, we were about half way through a 6km walk when I fell. Just fell! I wasn’t even trying to dodge a planter. Anyway, I had to walk the rest of the way with very bloody knees, and she never walked with me again. And now in addition to running, I am just taking up biking. Yep, I’m in trouble.


  4. Ashley says:

    Oh my gosh I hope you’re okay and mad props on finishing the run! A few months ago when I was first getting back into running I tripped (on what I claim was a crack in the sidewalk but I think I really just tripped over myself) and hit the pavement one block from home after a 5 mile run. I literally sat in the grass contemplating calling my roommate to carry me home because I do not do well with pain. You are so strong!


  5. randomthoughtrunner says:

    Glad to know I am not the only one. I took a bad fall last week AND at a race a few weeks back. My elbows and knees are NOT looking good these days! haha. My neighbors may also think I am crazy coming home covered in blood. Good job on finishing the run!
    Run On-


  6. Molto Vivace says:

    I think we’ll have to have a boxing match for who is the biggest klutz ever. I haven’t posted about my little accident, but it involves a toilet seat and a bloody nose. Maybe I’ll win the title. But if we fight for it, we’ll both end up injured…


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