Get it together world!

Hi everyone!

I just got out of class…


Today was my last class meeting for this course.

After I take my final (which is online, of course), I get a week off!

Yeah! A Break!

I also have the 4th and 5th of July off of work,

because my office rocks the house.

I neeeeeed a break.

So this is perfect timing!

After this class is over, I have 4…

count ’em

classes left until I am done with my masters.

(Well there is that whole thesis thing, but I am NOT thinking about that right now.)

In my brain, I have 4 classes left.

On to more pressing issues.

My run this morning was… weird.

Yes, like twilight zone weird.

First off, I was almost run over 3 times. Yes, THREE TIMES!

and it would not have been the cool “hood slide” hit that they do in the movies.

I have done a post about this before, so I am sure you know my stance on drivers and runners.

So I won’t bring it up again… but,


Secondly, I found a  flip flop and a slipper on two different streets.

Notice I didn’t add an “s” to the end of those words.

That’s because they were loners.

Lost lonely soles souls.

See what I did there?

I know, I am that good.

I crack myself up sometimes.

Okay, a lot.

My question is, who the heck walks home without a shoe?

I mean, I have never been walking home and thought to myself,

“Screw it…I don’t need two shoes, I am just going to leave this one here for someone else”

Who are these people?

Shoe-less weirdos. That’s who.


See, even grumpy cat knows what’s up.

Thirdly, it was so humid this morning…

I felt like I was in the amazon.

Again, not the “oh cool, we are on vacation” kind of amazon…

More like the “I’m sweating so much that I might need an IV drip when I get home” kind of humid.

I moved to San Luis Obispo to get AWAY from the heat…


Have you ever lost a shoe?

What is the weirdest thing you have seen on a run?

Do you mind running in the heat?



23 thoughts on “Get it together world!

  1. jvandervolgen says:

    Took me a good 30 seconds of wondering how you found hip hop on your run, before I figured this out. I always wonder about the shoes. On a bright note, I found a $5 bill on my run the other day!


  2. tribalancegirl says:

    I’m learning to run in the heat now that we’ve moved to the East Coast! Blahhh. I’ve seen a lot of strange things so it’s hard to think of just one. Most recently, when someone drove the opposite direction on a one way street. YIKES!


  3. runningoffkilter says:

    Yeah for being close on the masters!
    Yes, I lost a shoe in a muddy puddle on a trail run event but I went right back to get it.
    The weirdest thing…not sure… but my friend screamed on a run once and in good friend form, I screamed as well only to find out she screamed at a very flat, very dead snake. I still tease her.
    The heat is not my friend, neither is the sun. Fair skinned, chubby, redhead here…but we have little to no humidity so there’s that. : )


  4. rundoodlerun says:

    Congrats on the (almost) masters! I have two and know all too well what your going through right now!

    I second the super moon causing super lunacy on the roads. People were just beyond crazy last weekend! And it seemed to start earlier than the usual full moon nonsense…


  5. cellistwhotris says:

    I’ve always wondered that about shoes, too. But then, sometimes I see a shoe hanging over a street light because I live in a college town. A college town with one of the worst binge drinking records.


  6. Emily says:

    Congrats with almost being done with your masters!!!!

    I’m not sure if you are aware of this but a Super Full Moon happened this weekend. At least that’s my explanation for all the weird shananigans that are happening and why people are going nuts/coming out of the woodwork after years because I don’t know what’s going on with people this week!


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