A Bad Food Choice, A Long Run and Some New Additions.

First off, allow me to clarify…

I am not pregnant!

Breathe Mom, breathe!

I do however have two new additions to my running collection.

First, is a new running skirt from INKnBURN!

Can you see the pockets? There are two in the front for your keys, credit card, cell phone or gels!

Check out the built in shorts underneath! I love this print.

Here is a full view of the pink flame print. This is by far the coolest skirt that I have.

(Please ignore my white legs)

I obviously wore it on my long run this weekend. Obviously.

The skirt is really light weight and the front pocket held my cell phone perfectly.

The running shorts didn’t ride up, as some have a tendency to do…

which is SUPER annoying (especially on a long run).

It also didn’t chafe the inside of my legs which was awesome too.

Just keepin’ it real here people.

So overall, the INKnBURN skirt rocks and the print is just too cool.

Move over Snow White! This skirt is officially the “fairest of them all”!

Secondly, I received a “Handana” to try out.

A Handana (great name, BTW) is a sweatband for your HAND!

How cool it this thing?!?!

On a side note…

The weather on Sunday was PERFECT for a long run.

I know, I am pretty jealous of me too.

Anyway, back to the Handana.

Since it was 65 degrees,  it was an excellent time to give the Handana a shot.

I loved it!

As I have mentioned, I sweat a lot when I work out.

Like buckets.


The Handana was perfect for getting rid of sweat, it dries really quickly and it wasn’t too heavy.

In fact, I completely forgot that it was on my hand.


If you guessed that I might have a few new giveaways from these two companies coming up…


You love me don’t you? OF COURSE YOU DO!

Now, about the bad food choice.

It was a bad one.

Ever since I did that first round of Whole30,

and have since dramatically reduced the amount of carbs, sugar and dairy that I eat,

my digestive system is NOT what it used to be.

I forgot this when I decided to order Thai food on Saturday night.

I was too busy writing a paper for school to cook, so I decided that ordering delivery would be a better idea.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

My body was not too thrilled with my food choice and because of that my long run sucked!

I couldn’t breathe!

I felt like I had a rock in my tummy!

and my body felt pretty crappy!


Mentally, I felt great!

My legs felt rested!

and I looked so cute while I was running in my INKnBURN skirt and my Handana!

So, overall it wasn’t too crappy…

but I can guarantee you that Thai food before a long run is NEVER happening again.

Nope. Never.

Have you ever made any prior to long run food choices that you have regretted?

Do you like to run in skirts? (extra points if you are a dude and you say YES!)

Do you sweat when you run?



35 thoughts on “A Bad Food Choice, A Long Run and Some New Additions.

  1. RaceitLiveitLoveit says:

    Love your new skirt and I’m a huge fan of running skirts. Ill have to check out INKnBURN to get my own 🙂 unfortunately it’s not food it’s wine that I want ALWAYS the night before log runs. Terrible choice because one glass is never enough. I’ve learned my lessons though and save the wine for another night with dinner.


  2. tribalancegirl says:

    Your first clarification is hilarious! Why does everything think preggers when you say new addition? Weird! Love love love your skirt. I need one, gotta have one, and probably going to go online today and order one. The color is perfect and the pockets are even better. P.S, I want to join you on your next long run. K, thanks. The weather is awesome and I miss CA so badly. Instead, my long runs are humid and hot. Blahh! Have a great day girl


    • ratherberunnin says:

      Hahahah! You should get one! Their clothes are ALL so cute. I am going to go get some more myself. Love them! You are MORE than welcome to come join me, if not physically, then mentally 🙂


  3. OneMotherofaDay says:

    Love the print on the skirt! I have never worn a running skirt. I feel like I would be too self conscious. Yes, I totally feel the effects of my non paleo foods prior to a long run, that’s why the day before a long run I try to be on my best behavior 🙂


  4. runningoffkilter says:

    I love the skirt! I really loved the plaid one they have but I’m not sure I could convince the Hubs to shell out $75 on a skirt…the price of running shoes kill him! : )
    Most of of my food choices are bad food choices. I did okay until I didn’t today.


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I have paid a pretty penny for a few of my running skirts and it is totally worth it. I always feel so cool when I run in skirts. I highly recommend it! Maybe it could be a birthday present for you?


  5. liveandbeawesome says:

    I love running skirts! I absolutely can not run in shorts – they always ride up and I feel exposed. The skirts I own have shorts that don’t ride up, and I feel like my butt is covered. 😀 Yay for skirts! Plus we can feel girly haha.


  6. M. James says:

    What an adorable skirt 🙂 It would have been perfect for me this morning. It was hot and humid in Southern Ontario~ even at 06:30. (23C with a humidex of 32C) I have a couple of running skirts, but none with pockets!! Where can I find one?


  7. kennygump says:

    that skirt is way too cute. cuter than non running skirts! I also sweat ALOT when I workout. my kids often remind me of this. I usually keep it light before workouts. a little cereal, toast or banana and i’m good to go!


    • ratherberunnin says:

      Yeah, I am going to stick with a protein shake from now on. Specifically, the CLICK protein powder that I did as a giveaway a few weeks ago. I love that stuff and am hooked. But yes, having to run with a rock in your tummy is NO fun.


  8. deedoll76 says:

    Yes – I have made poor food choices prior to a run. Burger and Fries! Ick, and after so long of not eating any gluten. I felt terrible! Never doing that again.
    Never tried running in a skirt yet. My clumsy side would be a bit worried about tripping and skinning my knees.
    Sweat? YES, do I ever. I really am interested in your Handana. Never heard of it, but I will be looking.


    • ratherberunnin says:

      Oh yeah… burger and fries sound pretty traumatizing too. Rough stuff. You should check out their website myhandana.com They have all different colors. But, yes, stay tuned for the giveaway!


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