Group blog post: Use an Inspiration Board to Jump Start Your Fitness Goals

Hi everyone! I have another special treat for you today! I have a guest blog post from Michelle, one of my awesome readers!

A little bit about her:

My name is Michelle and I work at a spa called Skana, in a small town in Upstate NY.  I’ve recently taken an interest in what inspires others to live a healthy lifestyle.  With my knowledge of health and wellness, people were always asking me what I do to stay healthy, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my knowledge with others. 

To me, the daily stresses and life’s challenges, make it so important to make health a priority and inspire us to treat our body right. That motivation morphed into habit once I knew how great taking care of myself felt!

Use an Inspiration Board to Jump Start Your Fitness Goals

Getting started is always the hardest part! Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, increase your fitness, or achieve a specific fitness goal, the first step is usually the toughest. What all fitness goals require is inspiration. An inspiration board can be a constant source of that needed inspiration.

Your inspiration board could have pictures; inspirational quotations, goals, recipes, important statistics, and anything else that helps you get on track. Let’s look at some specific ideas that will help you get and stay motivated.

1. Photos, pictures, other images. Find some images of bodies that really inspire you. What do you want to look like? Find some pictures of healthy foods and meals that really appeal to you. If the image doesn’t elicit an emotional response, keep looking!

2. Look for items that support your goals. If you want to run a 3-hour marathon, then find stories or quotes by people that have started where you are and accomplished the same thing. If you’re after chiseled abs, find pictures or other information about your ideal abs.

3. Get organized. You might want to find a few large images and fit the smaller items around them. Perhaps you’d rather divide your inspiration board into different sections. Maybe quotes in one section, photos in another, and recipes in a third will work better for you. It’s your inspiration board!

4. Evaluate the final product. Are you inspired? Be sure to place the board where you will see it regularly. It should motivate and inspire. If that’s not the case, keep tinkering until it does.

5. Don’t be stagnant. As you progress on your journey, new things will inspire, and old things will cease to inspire. Keep updating as necessary to keep the juices flowing. As you develop new goals, your needs will change. Don’t be afraid to constantly improve your board.

If you’ve never had an inspiration board, give it a try. You’re going to find that it helps you to stay focused on your goals and to stay motivated. Inspiration is critical when chasing after a new goal; this is great way to get and stay inspired.

Now that the cold, dark days of winter are finally behind us, it’s time to be motivated by the warm weather.  I’ve been looking for ways to be inspired by health and fitness, but where to start? Everyone is inspired differently. Maybe it’s the beach that inspires you to be healthy, or a favorite dish.

To me, it’s being outside and enjoying the sun.  I work near one of the most well known New York golf resorts and have thinking this would be my starting point for my fitness goal. I’ve always admired those who play golf; seems like it would be my type of sport.  I have used golf as the anchor of my healthy lifestyle inspiration board.  Golf to me seems more leisurely, than strenuous. Similar to why I want try yoga.

Yoga involves a lot of stretching and seems to be better for building strength in your joints as opposed to running.  I think yoga and golf would be a subtle way to ease into a fit lifestyle.

The below yoga photo was taken from an interesting article about the basic yoga poses for beginners, I found it helpful.  It takes more than just exercise to live a fully healthy life.  Change also has to come in what we eat: more veggies and less processed foods.

To help get myself motivated, I’d like to buy some new workout gear.  I love hoodies with thumb loops; perfect for people like me whose hands are always cold!  The hoodie from Lululemon looks comfy enough to wear on the golf course or in a yoga class.    Now I just need to find some delicious, healthy recipes to add to my inspiration!


Photo Credit: Veggies | Lululemon Hoodie | New York golf course | Yoga | Underarmour Sneakers

Here is my (Ashley) two cents on the matter.

Pinterest is another GREAT way to make your own inspiration board without having to bust out the scissors and glue. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to! It is a social networking site with an “online pinboard” interface. Think of it as a virtual pinboard. It is a place where you can post collections of things you love, and “follow” collections created by people with great taste. All you have to do is sign up, name your board and start pinning! I have 25 or so boards for different topics, the majority of them are health and fitness related, but they all have specific themes: Running, health, food, working out, etc. It is a great way to find a constant stream of positive images, quotes and information that will help you along in your journey.


This is my “Fit-spiration” board. I have filled it with inspiring images and quotes that help keep me motivated to work out every day.  As you can see, running and losing weight are two of my most prominent goals so it is something that I search for on Pinterest constantly.

Do you have a inspiration board? Send me a picture of it and I will add it to this post!



4 thoughts on “Group blog post: Use an Inspiration Board to Jump Start Your Fitness Goals

  1. diawalker says:

    I have an inspiration wall I started in my bedroom, just to the left of my television – in direct view. It only has a couple of things on it, but this inspired me to start work on it again. I’ll take a pic when I have it a little more done. I’m divorced so my bedroom is my own, so I can pretty much put what I want up. My ex used to HATE my inspiration boards. Now that I have this lovely freedom, I’m going to make the most of it.


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