Guest blog: Gearing Up! Marathon Training Gear

Remember how I begged for some help yesterday?

Well, my new friend Sarah, over at, was gracious enough to throw me a life preserver and offered to do a guest blog!

What a pal, what a pal!

This post has some great information in it, and as per usual, gives me as excuse to go buy some more running stuff (as if I needed an excuse). Enjoy!

Ready. Set. Guest blog!


Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, so last September, I started training for my first half marathon. I wasn’t convinced that I could actually complete a full marathon however, until I crossed the finish line of the half and half an hour later wanted to run the 13.1 again. I was quickly falling in love with running (I ran for three months outside in 30 degree weather, which I think is testament to the joy I get from it!) and maybe getting a bit addicted to it. Sometimes, I push myself too hard, and I’ve had a number of minor injuries as a result, but that’s the joy of the training: balancing pleasure and pain and dancing the line between pushing your mental limits and (destructively) pushing your physical ones. I’m by no means an expert in marathon training, but I thought I’d at least give aspiring marathon runners my gear list. I love buying running gear, so my list might be unnecessarily long, but I  believe it’s a great guide!

Foam Roller, $20 on Amazon

  • Great for massaging IT bands, dealing with shin splits, and cracking your back.

Juno sports bra by Moving Comfort, $50 at Fleet Feet

  • Shoes and sports bra: the two most important pieces of gear for women runners. I never skimp on a sports bra.

Under Armour headband, $14 at Dick’s

  • Stays in place and cute enough to wear even when not running.

VSX Sport Victoria’s Secret fanny pack, $29.50

  • A sexy fanny pack? yes, please.

Polartec Powerstretch fleece half zip, $89 at Lands’ End,

  • Comes in petite. I’m starting to realize that petite running gear is hard to come by, so this is a great find.

100% synthetic socks, $9.99 at JCP

  • I avoid cotton since they get hot and create blisters. Wool socks are also good for winter running.

iPod shuffle, $50

  • I’ve engraved mine (for free!) with “Audere” meaning “be bold” in Latin

Pocket sunscreen, Walgreens

Brooks Ghost running shoes, $110 at Fleet Feet

  • I also got inserts for $45 to help adjust my pronation

IT band compression strap, $17 at Fleet Feet

Saucony Ride 5  running shoes, $110 at Fleet Feet

  • I invested in two new pairs of running shoes for my marathon training. I found that running in just one pair really aggravated my shin splits. I use the Saucony’s to cross training and to run my shorter runs.

Under Armour running shorts, $29 my local running shop in Madison, WI

  • These shorts are super light for summer running and have great reflecting properties.

My Pheonix Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon training tee

My marathon training program from Grandma’s Marathon

Under Armour running shorts, $25 at Dick’s

  • These shorts are not quite compression tight and are very light for summer running.

VSX SPort Victoria’s Secret running tights, $66.50

  • These were my go-to tights for the winter running season. I still find myself grabbing them during spring training too. My only complaint: wish they came in petite or short sizes.

Massage stick, $25 at Fleet Feet

  • Been using this a lot lately…

Saucony lightweight tee, $29 at Fleet Feet

  • Super lightweight and breezy for summer running. I dislike running in tight shirts as they tend to ride up and become very hot on summer runs, so this tee is the perfect alternative.

Nathan’s Hydration Belt, $50 at the Boston Running Store (in Newburyport, Mass.)

  • I usually start carrying water on runs longer than 10 miles. The belt takes a bit to get used to, but it’s worth it!

Ice packs, $8 at Walgreens

  • Much needed for shin splits, IT Band Syndrome, and knee troubles.

Garmin sports watch, $129 on eBay

  • A requirement for checking your splits, knowing your pace and distance.

and I am back.

This is an excellent list! Great work Sarah!

Don’t forget that my TweteBird headband giveaway ends tomorrow. Go enter to win!

I will also start up the Click Espresso Protein Drink giveaway once the headband winner is announced. Get ready people!



6 thoughts on “Guest blog: Gearing Up! Marathon Training Gear

  1. jcartlidge2012 says:

    My marathon pretty much consisted of me having 4 or 5 beers instead of 8. I even went for a few runs. Now I have done one though I think I’m hooked. I might even do some real training for the next one.


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