We are Boston Strong!

A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.
Come together as a team to achieve a common goal: “he teamed up with the band”.
squad – gang – group – crew – party – brigade


This community, the running community, has done something so special over the last 3 days.

We have banded together to become a strong, caring, POWERFUL force to be reckoned with.

A week ago, most people probably thought that runners weren’t team players, because our loner mentality…

We have proven them wrong.

According to the “Run for Boston” Facebook page, over the last 36 hours


They received:
-24,000 likes on their Facebook page
-500+ groups have gathered to run  around the world
-5000+ pictures have been submitted for the Run For Boston collage
-An estimated 20,000+ people ran for their event on Wednesday alone

This is just ONE page!

We have proven time and time again, that the bombers picked the wrong group of people to mess with.


Charities and running groups are popping up all over the place!

One SLO born charity that is close to my heart is from, Running Warehouse.


They have partnered with Hoka Running, and the Plus 3 charity network will contribute up to $9,000 to One Fund Boston, the official charity set up to help people affected by the tragedy.

All YOU have to do, is log your miles and they will donate to the charity on your behalf.

If you are interested in doing so, click here.

You can also purchase a “Boston Stands As One” Tribute Tee from Adidas


You can do so here. If you use the coupon code “Unite” you can save 10% off of your order. All of the proceeds also go to The One Fund.

Or you can donate directly to The One Fund, here.


I want to reiterate how incredibly proud I am to be a runner and to be a part of our running community. We are such an amazing group of individuals!

I want to contribute to this cause simply because it is so close to my heart.

I will run, I will log in my miles, I will donate, spread awareness and offer as much love and support that I can.

Because I care.

I am here. If you are struggling and you want to talk… post a comment on my blog, shoot me an e-mail, tweet me, Facebook me, just do something.

We are all hurting, but we are a team!

We are strong. We are Boston Strong.




7 thoughts on “We are Boston Strong!

  1. fasterfastest says:

    Thank you so much for that Plus 3 Network link. I’ve been really struggling to find a way to connect my running with something tangible to help those affected by the marathon bombings. This is exactly what I needed.


  2. Dawn Rushing says:

    Completely agree! We are strong, we are united, we are one! We will unite for Boston! I bought my shirt, and various other things that proceeds with go to Boston so I can show my support at all my half marathons. We are one!


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