My love/hate relationship with Lucy… My foam roller.

Two weeks ago, I bought one of these….

ImageHer name is Lucy.

Cute name huh? Yeah… no… it’s short for Lucifer, you know Satan? I think the name is perfect for her because it sounds so sweet, but quite deceiving.

The thing is, I love her but I hate her too. Why, might you ask? Because she hurts me, a lot. She and I have a bit of an abusive relationship to be honest, she gave me bruises on my hips last week. You should have seen ’em, they were gnarly!

I have done some research though and I realize that she is hurting me for my own good! According to what I have read, runners (both short and long distance runners) should absolutely getting themselves a “Lucy”.

Foam rolling helps with:

  • injury prevention
  • breakdown of torn muscle fiber build up
  • increase muscle circulation
  • reduce tightness in sore muscles
  • reduced recovery time after long runs
  • decrease the potential for soreness
  • increase muscle flexibility and better spinal alignment
  • reduce the build up of lactic acid in the legs

Below, are several different exercises that you can do to work on tight and/or sore muscles.

  • For the IT band and hips, while on your side and place the roller perpendicularly under your hip. Propped up on your elbows, roll the roller down your IT band to your knee. For each knot, hold for 20 seconds until you reach your knee and repeat on the other leg.
  • For the calves, sit high on the floor with the roller lying perpendicular under the tops of your calves. Start with the left leg crossing over the right and roll the center and sides of your calf, all the way down to your ankle. By lifting your butt off the ground, you can put even more weight on your calf and have a better stretch and it might be a good idea to point and flex your ankle. When you are finished, repeat with the other leg.

Foam rolling hurts, but the pain is definitely worth the benefits gained from doing it. So, take a stroll on over to your local sporting goods store, or big Box (Walmart, Target, etc.) and pick one up. You will be glad you did!



10 thoughts on “My love/hate relationship with Lucy… My foam roller.

  1. davehuseman says:

    I recently purchased one on the advise of some other runners and I’m still questioning what I ever did to them to make them hate me so much! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who loves to hate this thing. It was only AFTER I purchased it, and thought that I was using it incorrectly, that I actually found articles that explain how much they hurt – at first. I guess I’m still in that ‘at first’ phase because it still hurts very much. Wish I had seen this blog first. Not that I would have skipped the purchase, but I may have been better prepared for the pain of avoiding pain. Please tell, did it ever get better for you? Or are you still hating Lucy(fer)? Great name by the way. I may have to consider calling my foam roller Lucy, instead of @!$%#*! – which is what I usually call it.


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I still hate it actually. I know it is good for me, but it just hurts so bad!!! I don’t know if it will ever get better… but I could just have a lot of scarred tissue. Who knows??! I have heard of people actually beginning to like it after a while, but I don’t think I will ever be one of those people. It’s kind of like taking vitamins, they taste gross… but you know you need to do it. 🙂


      • davehuseman says:

        I was afraid you would say that… I am still a little skeptical that some of those who advised me to get one are just looking for partners in their misery, but so goes running. Keep up the great blog, I’m enjoying it very much as I re-establish my relationship with running.


  2. IowaTriBob says:

    When I started this crazy training last year I got one with some big lumps on it to provide just the extra pain that everyone needs after a hard workout (right). It literally took a couple of weeks before I actually started enjoying the rolling and now I look forward to it and can feel some of the knots and tight muscles start to disappear before I’m even done rolling. I think its the best alternative to seeing a massage therapist several times a week – and a whole lot cheaper.


    • ratherberunnin says:

      Thank Bob. You have encouraged me to push past the pain (I can run through the pain, why can’t I roll through it… Right?). Knowing that it will get better makes it all worth it. I guess I will just have to suck it up for now 🙂


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