It hurts, but sometimes you have to do it anyway

Sometimes in life things hurt. They suck and are hard to get through, but the important part is that you NEVER STOP TRYING.

Today’s long run, my last long run before the SLO Half Marathon, was one of the hardest runs I have endured in about a year. So many things happened that could have easily thrown me off my game, or given me an excuse to give up:

    My watch died at mile 1 (yes, I forgot to charge it)
    It was really, REALLY windy
    I had to pee mile 2 (yes, I forgot to pee before I left)
    I lost my earring
    My plantar fasciitis was acting up, again
    My left knee was killing me
    The road was SUPER hilly.

I could keep going because it seriously sucked, but I won’t. The fact is- I didn’t give up. I finished what I set out to do. That is the most important lesson that I learned today… Never give up regardless of how much it hurts.

The confidence and satisfaction that comes with struggling through something that is hard or painful is what life is all about. Getting uncomfortable, pushing past your limits and surprising yourself.

What can you do today to push past your limits?



6 thoughts on “It hurts, but sometimes you have to do it anyway

  1. runnergirlmarianne says:

    Way to go! You sound like you are so ready for your race! I did my last long run before my half next weekend today as well. Plantar fasciitis sucks – I’ve been battling that too – soaking in a bucket of ice water is what seems to help me the best – how are you combating it?


    • ratherberunnin says:

      I am not really combatting it actually, just struggling through it. I have inserts that I wear when I run, it is still painful though. I don’t know what to do! It sucks so much, I know you know what I am talking about. 😦 I will try the bucket of ice though, I haven’t heard of that one. Good job and good luck on your race!!!! I would love to hear how you did! 🙂


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