Shin splints

I woke up with shin splints this morning. Oh how I hate thee shin splints. I am assuming (based on my years of running experience) that I am adding mileage on too quickly- which is the reason for my injury. On top of the fact that I am running in new Newtons. Most people see injuries as an excuse reason to take a break or give up. Me on the other hand, I see an injury as a learning experience and I normally work out through them. I ice, stretch, get lots of sleep, take ibprofen and keep on truckin’. If I took a break every time I got injured I would never work out! It seems as though I go from one injury to another. Regardless, shin splints and injuries suck in general. The most important thing is to take care of it, and pay attention to your body.

That is my two cents for the day. Now, I am going to go stretch my shins.

Happy day!



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