Tired of starting over? Stop giving up.

I am coming clean… And unfortunately it’s not the clean eating kind.

So yesterday I split a chocolate mousse slice of pie with a friend (it was vegan and gluten free… Not that it means much) and I ate about 1/4 (or more) cup of natural peanut butter.

Today, although I had good intentions, wasn’t much better. I had about 6 servings of rice crackers. Which seem to be a thorn in my side for snacks at work.

Both the rice crackers and the peanut butter were SERIOUS mindless eating. I recognize that now… I wasn’t hungry, but bored. I am frustrated at my lack of willpower!

On a positive note, I attempted to make up for the amount on carbs I consumed today by skipping my portions of brown rice for dinner, lunch and 2nd lunch. I also didn’t eat 2nd lunch because I was so darn full from the stupid rice crackers.

Normally, when situations like this have risen in the past, in which I have over eaten, a major binge follows. I think to myself “I have already blown it so… Who cares”. I am trying to get away from the all or nothing mentality. Life isn’t black and white… All or nothing, so why should my diet? Some days are going to rock! Some are going to suck. But, the fastest way to success (and happiness) is to accept failures and move on!

I am moving in the right direction and am trying to stay positive. This WILL be my year to be fit and ripped. People WILL look at me and think to themselves, “she definitely works out”. I WILL have a runners body and I will once and for all.

I will stop giving up… I will stop making excuses. This is it. This is the beginning of the last time I start over.

Welcome to my success story.



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