Life just gets in the way

Excuses are like $&@#*^, everyone has one. 

So, there. Just throwing it out there. I’m admitting to my failure. The 12 days of clean eating DID NOT, I repeat did not go according to plan. 

Life just got in the way.


i have found that in the mist of failure, however, most people just give up. I don’t roll like that. You have to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and keep on trucking. This is my plan.

The clean eating challenge will resume… Tomorrow. Ha! I am currently visting my best friend in Long Beach and I know the reality of what will occur today. Food and alcohol… Yup. I’m just being honest.

I am looking forward to what 2013 has to offer and show me in the coming year. I have a lot to thank God for and a lot I will accomplish. 


You say failure, I say stepping stone. Boom.


Whatcha Think?

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